Friday, June 02, 2006

Villamayor de los Montes

Hemos ido de excursión a Villamayor de los Montes, un pueblo cercano a Lerma y Tordómar, para visitar su monasterio cisterciense que tiene un claustro románico con unos mosaicos empedrados parecidos a los nuestros. Les hemos hecho unas fotos y tenemos que tratar de reproducirlos con Geonext. A nosotros nos han tocado las siguientes fotos:

Ésta que es un mosaico del suelo

Aquí su reproducción con Geonext

Y ésto que es una vidriera que hay en la iglesia:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pared del instituto

Diseño en la pared del instituto. Vamos a tratar de realizar sus esquemas con Geonext, cada uno, uno.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Iglesia de Tordómar

Estrella 2

Esta estrella es otra de las luces que se pusieron en Lerma por Navidad. La hemos escogido por su diseño geométrico que vamos a tratar de realizar con Geonext

Friday, January 20, 2006

Estrella de navidad

Estrella de navidad puesta como adorno navideño. Nos ha gustado su diseño geométrico y hemos tratado de reproducirlo con Geonext

Friday, December 16, 2005

Chritsmas Day

Hello! We are Rebeca and Ana. We talk about the Chritsmas Day.

We love Christmas because it is a time when the people meet, have lunch or dinner together, eat wonderful and delicious food, decrate their hoses, sing and listen to carols and give presents.

Besides, it usually snows and the landscape is very beautiful
We always spend Chritsmas at home with ours families: ours grandparents, ours parents, ours sister, ours aunts and ours uncles.

We eat fish, meat, seafood, nogat, cakes and we drink cidre and champagne.
We play a lot of different games, too.

We have a good time with them. We decorate our homes. We have a Chritmas Tree.

We write poscards to our friends, too.

We also buy presents for ours families.

Finish ours opinion are the Chritsmas in Spain is very interesting.

A lot of kiss.

Rebeca and Ana.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tordómar (Puente)

Foto 1: Puente nevados con 22 ojos.
Descripción: Esta imagen correspnde al puente de Tordómar.
Elementos geométricos: rectángulos, arcos, trapecios, triángulos

Para saber más sobre figuras geométricas:


Figuras geométricas en el plano

Friday, December 02, 2005


On a hill which overlooks the valley of Arlanza we find the village of Lerma.A Pre-roman settlement,in the 10th century it was the head of a district and in 1148 Alphonse VII granted it privileges and extensive jurisdiction.But when Lerma reached its maximum splendour was after it was raised to the category of Dkemon and it became the head of the territories of the House of Francisco Gómez de Sandoval y Rojas,wh,as he was Philips III´s favourite, ruled the destiny of the country between 1598 and 1618.It was at that time when the monuments which give Lerma its special character,were built,and which define it as a unique sample of 1 7th century town development in Spain.

Guided visits from the Tourist Office.